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Java Programming

Java_ai  Java is a kind of high-level programming language that is considered as object-oriented programming because of its centralization on the use of object. It is a high-level language due to its critical understanding on statement preferably on English text to machine language. Java is literally described as robust where there is an error occurs on the program it doesn’t make any crashes on a computer system. Also it is a platform independent where it runs without any changes on different computers. Moreover, it is a kind of distributed and secure language where it can run on computer networks and prevent the unknown code that cannot be trusted and may bring virus to corrupt the computer system.


Procedural Programming and Object-Oriented Programming

pgmparadigms                       Creating a particular solution in solving a specific type of problem in the field of programming is called Programming Paradigm. The term normally imposed with the two best known concepts which is procedural and object-oriented programming. Procedural programming focuses on the idea of step by step solutions where the flow of the program depends on how the command being put and arranged in a manipulated manner. It is commonly referred as imperative programming which means a sequence of command is needed in order the computer to perform the said task. While the object-oriented programming centralized the concept of object more literally objects as the main structure of the program. The object can be of anything whether a person, animal, thing or an idea which is manipulated and control on the flow of program. The object may be defined the task through its property and actions as indicated with other elements. In short, the object has dealt with interconnection in the entire program along with the methods and characteristics.

Where do I go from here?



The world is a form of evolution and the fact of all creatures back to the basis of creation. I am who is created from the so-called Creator and temporarily living on this world. But where do I go? The concept normally emphasizes the physiological and spiritual amendments. From the physiological aspect, I would go to the path prior to my needs and goals in life probably on my ambition and personal growth. On the other hand, the spiritual concept follows on my beliefs and foundation in life on which I would go to the place based on my faith and moral suggestions.

Why Am I in this world?



The fact of why am I in this world is definitely found on the original thought of creator. But being myself understand the whole consequences and yet I have my own observation regarding the reality  of wondering. I am in this world because of the outcome and final stage of my needs, wants as well as the true value of being who I am. The value depends on how capable I am to manage and reach my goals, missions that carries sacrifices in order to bring the self-actualization basically of being worthy.

Why Am I? What I Am?





I am of being who I am because the part of my physical and emotional aspect reflects my personality by way of showing my interest, needs, and goals. The determination I am holding makes me the real I am and stating the basis of my principles definitely holds the strength and faith of what I used to be.

What Am I?


I am breathing, seeing, touching, thinking, smelling, living and corresponding to the flow of nature that signifies my reflection of human being. I am who seize the physical and emotional reaction through which recognize my whole array of sensations. The sensation I am referring to is my body which includes the pain, fear, hunger, thirst and others.

What Am I