Procedural Programming and Object-Oriented Programming

pgmparadigms                       Creating a particular solution in solving a specific type of problem in the field of programming is called Programming Paradigm. The term normally imposed with the two best known concepts which is procedural and object-oriented programming. Procedural programming focuses on the idea of step by step solutions where the flow of the program depends on how the command being put and arranged in a manipulated manner. It is commonly referred as imperative programming which means a sequence of command is needed in order the computer to perform the said task. While the object-oriented programming centralized the concept of object more literally objects as the main structure of the program. The object can be of anything whether a person, animal, thing or an idea which is manipulated and control on the flow of program. The object may be defined the task through its property and actions as indicated with other elements. In short, the object has dealt with interconnection in the entire program along with the methods and characteristics.


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